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The Institute Today

bio3_crGood News from the Institute for Organic Farming: It is there and thriving. Since five years it has been self sustaining – without any funding other than tuition and fees for the education the institute provides. It has moved to a place 30 kilometres north of Nairobi.  Students of the agricultural faculty of Jomo Kenyatta  University of Technology can add a degree in Organic Farming to their academic awards.

The Solar Lamps 2015

In Kenya sales of these solar lamps are stalling. The Kenyan  Importer Francis Kamau seems not to vest much interest in them. „It’s become just a small part of my business“, he tells me on the phone. “My main work now is in construction. ” After three visits in Kenya with tries to fix an interview he mails me to please leave him alone and contact the German exporter Solux. Which I do. Continue reading The Solar Lamps 2015

Solar Lamps (year 2000 text)

SOLUX: Small Solar Lamps for Developing Countries

Light remote from power sources

It is characteristic of proximity tot/the equator that darkness comes very quickly. As in Kenya, where night falls shortly after six o’clock without prolonged twilight. As though someone had turned off the light at the switch.
But in most rural areas there are no light switches. For the evening meal, therefore, many families light a lamp filled with kerosene or petroleum. Night after night hundreds of thousands of these light sources burn. Continue reading Solar Lamps (year 2000 text)

The Kisumu Water Sewerage Treatment Plant

Engineer Joseph Obunde, in charge of the sewerage treatment plant at Kiwasco, Kisumu Water and Sewerage Corporatio
Engineer Joseph Obunde, in charge of the sewerage treatment plant at Kiwasco, Kisumu Water and Sewerage Corporation

As I visited Kisumu’s Water sewerage treatment plant in 2015, it was finally being expanded. A long awaited little step to the cleansing of Lake Victoria. Apparently, according to the planners, more is being done in the industry in the area, namely the sugar cane industry. Continue reading The Kisumu Water Sewerage Treatment Plant

Lake Victoria Environment 2015

The Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme is the largest Kenyan Expo 2000 Project. Phase 1 which ran until 2003 received bad reviews in an evaluation by the World Bank:  „ The overall implementation performance (outputs) is Moderately Unsatisfactory, and the achievement of the development objectives (outcomes) is Unsatisfactory. “ Continue reading Lake Victoria Environment 2015