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Maasai issues today

The school building built by OSILIGI
The school building built by OSILIGI

The Maasai organization OSILIGI has been dissolved by the Kenyan administration after activists had demonstrated on one of the big farms in the area in 2003. The fight for land rights has been lost (so far). But one of the schools OSILIGI built is still there – and highly valued by the tribesmen and women.  Continue reading Maasai issues today

Women’s Rights Improved


Waiting area at FIDA office
Women frequently want to remain anonymous when consulting with a FIDA lawyer, so in the photo the waiting area is almost deserted

When talking about women’s rights as I tour Kenya quite a few mention the women’s lawyer organization FIDA as a political player. And FIDA was also a recommended project for the World Expo 2000.

When visiting FIDA’s headquarters in Nairobi the first I see is their everyday business. Continue reading Women’s Rights Improved

Women Lawyers (year 2000 text)

Women of the World

African women lawyers for women’s rights

When 14-year-old Zinzi Mutamiri from Mutoko in Zimbabwe could no longer hide her pregnancy, the headmaster immediately expelled her from school. The completion of final school examinations was also denied to hey after the birth of her daughter. In contrast, there was no action taken against the 20 years elder father of the baby child, who taught at the same school. Continue reading Women Lawyers (year 2000 text)