Kenyan Projects – and the Journalistic Approach

Why Kenya? The author had the opportunity to travel to Kenya several times in 2014 and 2015.  So why not take a complete sample of ALL the EXPO 2000 Hanover projects in that were located in this beautiful East African Country? It would have been virtually impossible to take a fair sample from the 487 projects worldwide for a “journalistic evaluation”.

I wanted to avoid what journalists usually do in such a situation. They research about the general success stories or failures and problems of projects. Then, according to the result, they pick a few examples to illustrate the research result (or the prejudice of the media crowd) via anecdotal evidence.  In many cases the outcome is something that the other media people will like. Because they have already seen the articles or broadcast of their peers, with similar stories.

Picking randomly all the projects in one country runs counter the media routine. But, of course, the author can not completely avoid to be prejudiced or pick stories that suit his prejudice from the situation he found in Kenya. What are your comments on this? This website is meant to be part of a “work in progress”. It can add more detailed information to the radio documentaries he has already published on German Public Radio and on the BBC World Service.

If you like we can even add more research on Expo 2000 Projects from all around the world.  There are 487 of them.

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